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AIYIMA TPA3116 Subwoofer Amplifier Board 2.1 Channel High Power Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Amplifiers DC12V-24V 2*50W+100W Amplificador
(87 customer reviews)


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Product description:

1.This is a DC-powered 12-24V power supply, using TI’s TPA3116D2 high-performance digital power amplifier chip as the core, one to do parallel bridged bass channel power amplification output, one to do left and right channel power amplification 100W (bass channel) + 50W (left channel) + 50W (right channel) three-channel output.


2.Support Bluetooth 5.0 audio reception, external audio input interface, with preamplifier, bass crossover processing; bass volume, bass frequency, left and right channel volume, treble, function control switch / total volume, 5 adjustment potentiometers.

3.Wide working voltage, energy-saving design, efficiency up to 90%. You can use a good performance switching power supply, laptop switching power supply, you can also use a charging bottle, or car power supply, etc…

4.The board is a finished board that has been soldered and tested. Connect the speaker box according to the picture, connect the appropriate power supply, connect to the Bluetooth audio device to play, or connect the sound source input correctly.

5.Bluetooth 5.0 version.

6.The Subwoofer cut-off frequency: 26-160HZ

The main product parameters:

Size (L * W * H): 101 x 100 x 25mm, excluding potentiometer and socket projection


Operating voltage range: DC 12-25V(current 3-4A, or 19-24V / 4-5A, such as high power requirements 20-24V / 8-9A above), .

Note that the DC no-load voltage should not be greater than 25.5V.

Bluetooth receiving distance:> 8 m(meters)

Audio input sensitivity: 600-800mV

Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz

Speaker impedance:

left and right channel speakers: 4-8 ohm

bass speaker impedance: 2-8 ohm


The output power is related to the supply voltage/current, the speaker impedance, and the size of the audio input. When the power supply voltage/current is sufficient, usually the power supply voltage is higher and the relative output power can be made larger. Speakers with different impedances have different output powers. Usually, the speaker impedance is smaller and the power is easier to achieve.

Function switch Instructions for use:

1. Plug in the power on default Bluetooth mode

2. Bluetooth disconnected, long press the switch can switch to the audio input mode

3. Bluetooth play status, short press the switch to pause / play

May be you also want.


Package included:


1Pcs Bluetooth Amplifier

Product question:

1. Amplifier board has current sound and noise .
Most of our amplifier board use DC power supply. The board itself does not produce current sound and noise.
The main causes of current acoustic noise are:

A, The power supply filter used is not good; the current sound is caused by wrong input by the power or audio input.
B, The input signal quality is poor; the output of the device connected to the input is improper, and the noise is caused by the abnormal input of the audio source.
C, The input cable is of poor quality; the line is in poor connect; the wiring is damaged; the wiring is suspended
D, The input connection has other playback devices, and some devices share the power supply to cause noise.

2. No sound output, no sound in 1 channel

A, The speaker is broken, or the speaker cable is not connect well.
B, The input cable is not in good connect; the wiring is damaged; the output of the device connected to the input is improper.

3. Volume broken and breaking sound when turn loud?

A, The power input is insufficient, confirm the wiring is correct first, and the supply current is sufficient,
B, The speaker itself has poor performance or damage, and the speaker power is too small or too large.
C, left and right channel speakers (+) (-) output are independent, can not be connected to each other

4. Speaker broken sound when subwoofer amplifier volume turn loud ?

A, The power input is insufficient, first confirm the wiring is correct, the supply current is enough
B, Whether the power of the speaker itself is too large or too small, or the bass performance of the speaker itself is poor; the structure of the speaker box; these abnormalities will cause breaks.

5, The volume power is not enough?

Power and power supply voltage, the amplitude of the sound source signal, the size of the speaker impedance are all related, any kind of deficiency will affect the power

6. Will the amplifier be burnt?

A, The positive and negative poles of the power supply are connected reversely; the power supply voltage is too high, exceeding the limit operating voltage of the board
B. If the board requires a DC power supply, it is not allowed to connect directly the AC transformer power supply (this can be rectified and converted to DC power before it can be used)
C. To confirm that the wiring is correct, then connect with the power supply. The wrong line connected or the short circuit both will cause damage to key parts!

Brand Name






Maximum Power Per Channel


Model Number





3 (2.1)


Subwoofere Amplifier

Feature 1

Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier

output power


87 reviews for AIYIMA TPA3116 Subwoofer Amplifier Board 2.1 Channel High Power Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Amplifiers DC12V-24V 2*50W+100W Amplificador

  1. A***n

    Усилитель дошёл за 5 дней транспортной компанией которая ещё и предложила доставить до порога дома. Супер. Отправлено в день заказа. Что касается самого усилителя, качество сборки отличное, флюса и прочих косяков на плате нет, пропаяна отлично. Работоспособность проверили сразу, блок питания использовали от ноутбука, просадка и перегрева нет. Гоняли и акустику и саб, как на 8 так и на 4 Ома. Для домашней каустики подойдёт отлично. Проверяли так же авто акустику на 4 Ома (Dl Audio 165/ Pride Ruby Voice 8) шатает конкретно, таких показателей по мощности не ожидал от такого усилителя. Щелчков при переключении линий или включении питания на акустике нет, что касается комментаторов менявших кондеры из-за качество звучания, то это уже усилители других классов. За эти деньги плата даёт все что от неё требуется или даже больше.

  2. AliExpress Shopper

    All OK. Sent and arrived very fast

  3. V***v

    Delivery from Russia 6 days. Turns on without clicking. From Bluetooth is not phonite. Speakers S30 when powered 19v 4.7a play normally. Subwoofer for 30W 4ohm wheezing. The subwoofer for 10W 4ohm was pumped. To do this, the amplifier needs 24v. Thermal paste was put a lot. The slice of the LF is weak, the voice is heard. HF cuts off normally. Through aux did not check.

  4. AliExpress Shopper

    Everything works. Pulls as Soviet vat10-20, no longer for him. The sub without a filter also sings.

  5. J***I

    Very musical, I have to find a way to integrate it nicely in my project now

  6. V***v

    The amplifier received, all whole. the goods went 12 days. Thank you!!!

  7. A***v

    Все как в описании, дошло быстро, продовцу ️

  8. n***n

    In appearance, everything is fine, there is no thermal paste on the chips and the radiator is not screwed. Until I checked the rest

  9. D***k

    At first glance all OK. Tomorrow tests.

  10. M***i

    The amplifier got, everything. Thank you!!!

  11. R***r

    Came quickly enough, 10 days to Khabarovsk in Russia. On the back of the board there is a little flux left. Plays well, there are almost no noise, but through Bluetooth a very phonite subwoofer. Badly grounded krutilki, when touching there is a crack on the speakers, but everything is solved by the installation of the caps. I’m happy with the purchase.

  12. M***v

    Воткнул саб от домашнего кинотеатра и колонки от микролаб про 3.Звук намного лучше стал. Громкости за глаза! Блютуз работает. Чтобы переключиться между блютуз и аux надо нажать на крутилку громкости.Термопаста была но я всë равно своей намазал) Кароче заказом доволен, более чем) Если что дополню отзыв. Рекомендую.

  13. S***k

    все работает.достака в Украину две недели.

  14. e***n

    Many thanks to the seller for the quality goods and fast delivery definitely 5 stars. The goods are checked no complaints. From the moment of Order 22 days to Volgograd.

  15. T***n

    Very fast delivery. After quick test it seems to be working just fine. I will add additional comment after proper testing. I tested with 24v Led power source and there is a humming sound so I need to find better quality power source.

    Äkkiseltään tuntuisi ihan toimivalta vehkeeltä. Näppärän pieni kokoinen vaikka mihin projekteihin.
    Nopea toimitus.

  16. v***v

    Need extra cooling

  17. N***a

    Graves Jbl, sharp media Jbl control 1 and it sounds fancy. Congratulations seller, very good sound quality. Thank you

  18. N***k

    I checked, the sound is excellent, everything works thanks. Product and seller recommend

  19. M***v

    Columns 25 watts with sabs like 60 watts, in each column, copes. These are the columns from the musical Cetra large. But judging by the fact that on 24 volts and the maximum volume of the column did not “break” I think it’s real the value on which the amplifier is capable. But this is a wonderful result, I’m happy for this and took.

  20. k***k

    всё работает, звук хороший посторонних шумов нету товар хорошего качества

  21. r***l

    Not try yet but arrives in 10 days good quality

  22. E***v

    It’s coming, it’s working. On good acoustics did not check, but a small system 2.1 works norms. Packed well. No leads. When switching to Aux, there is a voice “liain in”. Click when on, and power off, quite strong. It’s all right. Very bright signal source indication led.

  23. N***r

    good quality perfect stereo. RECOMMENDED

  24. E***v

    A slightly updated version with grounding on regulators. Before the running version, I made a cotton when I turn on this all quietly. Good xilok.

  25. R***r

    Delivery is fast, I work well.

  26. a***r

    Very good, than expected. Arrived fast 17 days for Brazil fortress

  27. S***n

    Works fine. It is worth noting that the amplifier is 2.1, with a rigid division in frequencies between the sub and the channels.

  28. S***v

    The goods came correct everything works, the fee is clean, there is no flux, all the inscriptions on the board are normal, to the Sabu you can passive filter LF to collect more to put, it came by cdek in 2 days, but the seller himself though gave out the track, but did not go to send goods of the day 4, well, forgive me, After New Year’s Eve, 5 stars, as it sounds, connected to microlabov columns, I would give 4 out of 5 as a music lover, this is the same class D with all the resulting any such amplifier!

  29. O***n

    работает, слышен небольшой фон, и самое главное он выдает моно звук, т.к. средний регулятор по инструкции отвечает за балланс левого и правого канала, выворачиваешь его влево звук пропадает а вправо поёт. и ещё блютуз с телефоном конектится без проблем, а телевизор его невидит невкакую!

  30. M***d

    В пути 9 дней, доставка СДЭКом до двери. Раскачал от комп.бп 2 колонки от древнего Кенвуд и саб от дом.кинотеатра ЛыЖи не напрягаясь. Саб от Свена (в котором собрал) оказался слабоват, буду вкорячивать в корпус от ЛыЖи. Звук в целом очень приличный для такой крохи. Однозначно стоит внимания.

  31. R***r

    отличный усилитель. Всем советую.

  32. l***y

    Very long waited for the shipment, was already ready to cancel the order… It’s not real long. The seller said that he was waiting for a new batch and constantly and constantly moved the timing of the shipment. The product itself is satisfied, the sound is quite good.

  33. A***t


  34. a***i

    fast shipping,value for money good product,buy later againt.

  35. A***n

    Пришло в Екб примерно за неделю. Качество на вид очень хорошее, по звуку пока не включал, если будут проблемы дополню отзыв

  36. M***n

    Shipping fast. When turned on, it turned out to be a broken patensiometer-the seller responded to the flaw-quickly compensated. The fee is restored-it works confidently. Corresponds to the description completely.

  37. v***n

    In general, there are many jambs. However, the sound is not bad
    The fee requires improvement, for this money will go.

  38. AliExpress Shopper

    tudo certo

  39. R***v

    Everything works!
    Easily swing the speakers and sub from the home theater.

  40. I***v

    Everything is fine. The assembly is normal, in a couple of small places will not wash the flux, termpoststa namazyukan. Connected while for a sample to the laptop BP 19.3 V/2.37a, plays powerfully. Stereo present. The truth is all the same just necessary for him BP at 24 V/4A without Saba and 8-9a with SABB. In my case, without a sub on the specified BP, there is still half the volume, but it starts to choke on 50 w/6 ohm speakers .. In general, I’m happy.

  41. V***v


  42. n***v

    пришло за 5 дней. все целое. пока не проверял. продавцу респект

  43. U***n

    The goods arrived in Orenburg in 14 days by courier. Checked-amplifier working,
    The declared characteristics confirmed. I recommend this seller!

  44. y***n

    Sending 5 days, ordered from Moscow, delivery 2 days
    Everything works like a watch

  45. D***v

    При включении -включается блютуз, приходится каждый раз переключать на AUX.
    Лучше если было-бы наоборот. А так аппарат рабочий пока.
    До этого был такой-же но без Блютуза, что в полне устраивало, и включался сразу AUX.,правда проработал всего неделю. Пришлось заказать второй. Заказал с России, с Москвы до Москвы шол неделю.

  46. V***o

    Delivery to the door. Excellent amplifier, I order not for the first time.

  47. g***g

    Качество нормальное, даже пасту положили на процессоры. Советую.

  48. 2***r

    The Power gun. Quality assembly, quite clear sound, no background noise in the speakers when the music is turned off (if normal wires are used, of course), normally filters the LF, Bluetooth is working. They delivered faster than the wind, I did not have time to finish the case yet. Definitely justifies his money.

  49. Z***r

    6.02.2021 отправлено 03.03.2021 получено. Запаковано в пупырку и коробку. Пока не подключал, как подключу дополню

  50. t***a

    git malina! instrybutor nie przestrzelony!

  51. K***a

    Thank you, everything works. Enjoy music

  52. AliExpress Shopper

    Доставка в Киев 3 недели. Трек не отслеживался.
    О работе отпишусь после установки.

  53. v***r

    Envoi très rapide! le produit à l’air de bonne qualité, je ne l’ai pas encore testé

  54. P***y

    Those who write that the amplifier is mono-! The average swivel is not a balance, but a volume of HF/midrange speakers. The parcel came quickly. The radiator was not completely twisted. There was even a thermal paste under the radiator, but it was everywhere, so it had to be washed and smeared in normal. After assembling, the amplifier plays normally. Well, as far as possible for one and a half cosars.

  55. E***e

    <2en> Hello .. thank you for your fast shipment and nice packing… I am satisfied with your good work…

  56. AliExpress Shopper

    Good.​ Lead​ time​ ship to​ Thailand​ 1​ week

  57. V***k

    I order the second one, the first one itself burned accidentally. Works fine.

  58. AliExpress Shopper

    Henüz bitmedi.tüm parcaları yaptım bitince süpermolcak

  59. R***s

    Got a parcel …. Second time I order …. Delivery instant, later I will add how to connect acoustics ….

  60. U***r

    The goods received in good condition all works Thank you very much to the seller the sound is beautiful, packed well.

  61. В***о

    Everything is fine, the description matches. Connected, works norms, from 12 volts acoustics 4 ohms 30 W kicks up to overload. Stereo (do not believe those who write that it is mono). The subwoofer is also good at shaking. One (personally for me) flaw-by default Bluetooth turns on, I also need aux, I have to switch mode at each turn on. Otherwise, everything is fine.
    In Kiev it came in about a month, the packing is normal, the box is corrugated cardboard, pupyrka, polyethylene, envelope.
    In general, I recommend!

  62. C***E

    Very Good seller. Thank you.

  63. j***n

    Wholesale wide audio good

  64. AliExpress Shopper

    it is as described and very powerful clear sound i love it though it took two months to arrive to kenya

  65. M***a

    Device working perfectly, as expected. Very good quality.
    Some parts comes a little pie, but not enough to disrupt.
    Arrived in 11 days calendar object in Rio de Janeiro, faster delivery of history.

  66. A***v

    Build quality is good, it came in a week

  67. A***v

    Tried to connect different power supplies, about 4 different kinds and Volts from 12 V to 24 V. I can hear the hissing in the columns. And I noticed that the sound through aux plays much quieter than through Bluetooth.

  68. S***t

    усилитель хороший, но есть ложечка дегтю на бочку мёду, это пердёж в левом и правом канале при включении, на сабвуферном пердеж отсутствует.
    нужно будет схему задержки на включение акустики собрать.
    несоответствует форма описанию, видимо релиз платы другой, ралиатор общий и крепится тремя болтами, на рисунке их два отдельных.
    впринципе пойдет.

  69. D***v

    The order was delivered quickly.
    Everything works. Quality norms. For its size, a good amplifier.

  70. B***y

    Works fine

  71. h***h

    Не плохой усилитель. Термопасты маловато. Качество звучания устраивает. Самое главное шумов и помех нет вообще.Блютуз не много слабоват, метров 6.Доставка не много мутная, но за неделю. В целом понравилось звучание, даже без кабинетов.

  72. a***a

    produto de ótima qualidade, embalagem muito boa protege o produto na viagem eu recomendo

  73. C***t

    Boa tarde equipe da !
    Recebi o produto bem embalado e em perfeito estado,
    estou surpreso com a qualidade e desempenho do produto.
    O vendedor está de parabéns junto com essa maravilhosa equipe da , show mil vezes!!

  74. M***v

    4 дня отправки, 2 дня доставки) по звуку классный усилитель, но требователен к питанию, так как запитав от импульсного бп на 24в 5а есть и хлопок при включении и лёгкий еле слышимый фон в простое, по мощности по 40вт на канал точно выдаёт ибо раскачал мои свен роял 2. Один нюанс – почему то не положили 1 пластиковый колпачек на крутили, а так посмотрим сколько проработает, пока неделю полет нормальный!

  75. w***e

    Very Fast

  76. v***r

    Пришло все очень быстро. Курьером прямо к дому. Советую

  77. w***r

    So good

  78. S***i

    all ok

  79. m***v

    Delivery 12 days from Russia to Bryansk region Everything works, thermal paste slightly regretted, but it’s fixed. For this money-fire! Ordered for DIY soundbar. Connected to Android TV set-top box on Bluetooth. The parameters did not measure, screams normally, it is not heated critical. Not hi-fi, but “for home, for the family” is quite suitable.

  80. T***v

    First time hearing class D. Much more than expected!

  81. C***o


  82. AliExpress Shopper

    Excellent amplifier for your money.
    At me it is worthy to pump the speakers radiotehnika s-30b
    Shipping fast.

  83. h***k

    Arrived very well packed, undamaged, amplifier with zero noise, Bluetooth connects very fast, need a cooler use low impedance speakers.

  84. P***v

    Bought for a homemade portable column. Connected, checked, everything works. No noise, all the crusts work. Excellent amplifier

  85. И***r

    The whole thing.

  86. N***a

    Me surpreendeu com o volume mesmo a 12v 2a, a entrega foi rápida apesar que o serviço de entrega brasileiro me deu um certo trabalho. Adorei o cuidado da embalagem, parabéns ao vendedor!

  87. J***a

    Got everything right… Only the post crap Brazilian that delayed delivery… I am using in a home theater LG. With two boxes 50W RMS connected in series in each channel, totalling 4 boxes and a subwoofer 175W RMS… Using a notebook HP. 18,5v not see need a 24V. Is playing very! Who want more information is just call me in urges jmarcelloo

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