Shanling UP4 CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 USB DAC ES9218P Amplifier Hi-Res LDAC LHDC APTX HD AAC SBC Knoowles Microphone Type-c 3.5/2.5 – Musicianbuds
Shanling UP4 CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 USB DAC ES9218P Amplifier Hi-Res LDAC LHDC APTX HD AAC SBC Knoowles Microphone Type-c 3.5/2.5
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Shanling UP4 CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 USB DAC ES9218P Amplifier Hi-Res LDAC LHDC APTX HD AAC SBC Knoowles Microphone Type-c 3.5/2.5 7
Shanling UP4 CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 USB DAC ES9218P Amplifier Hi-Res LDAC LHDC APTX HD AAC SBC Knoowles Microphone Type-c 3.5/2.5 8


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Shanling UP4 Dual ES9218P CSR8675 Bluetooth Balanced USB DAC Amplifier Dual DAC Mode NFC pairing 2.5/3.5mm Output

– Dual ES9218P DAC/AMP
– 3.5mm Single-ended and 2.5mm balanced output
– High gain / Low gain / Dual DAC mode
– 91 [email protected] Single-Ended and 160 [email protected] Balanced output
– NFC pairing
– Bluetooth 5.0 Qualcomm CSR8675 chip
– Supports LDAC, HWA LHDC, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX, AAC and SBC codecs
– Thin and sleek design for your pocket, comes with additional case with clip
– Multifunctional wheel for total control over playback and calls
– Build-in microphone for phone calls and voice assistants
– Can be connected to computer to serve as USB DAC
– Battery life up to 15 (SE) / 10 (H) hours


The DAC seems to be the same as the one found in the Shanling UP2, the ES 9218P inherits acclaimed audio quality of the popular Shanling MO portable player. It offers high resolution, clear and powerful output with low output impedance while being very power efficient.

Ultimate connectivity

Shanling UP4 featured World’s latest Bluetooth wireless DAC/amplifiers, support all current wireless audio codecs – such as AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX Low Latency, aptX HD, LDAC, LHDC and HWA including Hi-Res audio. It is possible to connect to any device, with the highest possible quality. This robust format support will ensure great sound quality to give your headphones new life, and to allow them to once more to resonate with you emotionally.

Bluetooth Chip Qualcomm CSR8675

The Bluetooth 5.0 chipsets CSR8675 of Shanling UP4 is a premium low-power solution designed for enhanced audio applications with support for 24-bit transmission and processing, thanks to its 120MHz DSP. This chip offers stable connection at longer distances, minimized latency and high resistance to any interferences.

Input and Output

Instead of micro-USB you now have USB-C which is a welcome addition for future-proofing and faster charging from the likes of power banks. You can also use the USB-C connection for USB-DAC output from your PC in a wired configuration.

Shanling UP4 features with 3.5mm single end and 2.5mm balance end output. and produce much power [email protected]Ω (SE) and [email protected]Ω

Gain adjusting

UP4 is with two gain mode adjusting: Low and High to maintain a suitable signal amplitude at its output, despite variation of the signal amplitude at the input.

Hi-res certification

Shanling UP4 get high resolution certificated for both Wire and wireless mode.


Comparing with UP2, UP4 supports NFC paring

Brand Name


Built-in Battery


Output Type

LINE OUT (AUDIO OUT), Balanced Out

Input Type

USB, bluetooth

DSD (Direct Stream Digital)


Body Material





2 (2.0)

Output Power


Dimensions (WxHxD)


Model Number


Operational Amplifier Chips Model

ES9218P *2

Signal To Noise Ratio






DAC Model

ES9218P *2


Mini Amplifier



87 reviews for Shanling UP4 CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 USB DAC ES9218P Amplifier Hi-Res LDAC LHDC APTX HD AAC SBC Knoowles Microphone Type-c 3.5/2.5

  1. H***K

    엄청 빨리 왔네요. 잘 받았습니다.

  2. H***n

    Shipping fast, packaging complete, things also.
    Always happy ~

  3. AliExpress Shopper


  4. AliExpress Shopper

    Quick delivery and good sound quality, conclusion is a good choice!

  5. a***r

    Fast shipping. 5-7days only comes to give imagine also failed. Securely packed dont fit request packaging wholesale bread bread light, product also unsatisfactory four. Chiffon fabric, back is to prevent others from creat four.

  6. B***H

    Very Very Good~~!!! 🙂 Thank You.

  7. p***p

    it arrived in a week. (south korea)

  8. c***r

    Excellent. You can hear different sound on your phone.

  9. j***e

    활용성 좋고 사운드도 무난합니다.

  10. s***r

    좋은가격 빠른배송 좋았음 다음에도 구매할일 있으면 다시 찾아오겠음

  11. w***w

    출력과 음질 모두 만족스럽습니다.

  12. W***i

    Amazing little device. Bluetooth connection and range is very good. Sound quality is amazing, thank you!

  13. y***o

    Very satisfied. Sound unsatisfactory four. Good product thanks.

  14. J***n

    Small, easy to hold, great sound quality!

  15. o***z

    I love it, it makes the sound so much better, I connect to mobile and km3 right away and how small it is. Use it with a kz zsx and tfz n3 with 3,5 Jack connector, the impressive sound. Fast shipping thank you very much.

  16. AliExpress Shopper

    Shipping out this week to take anywhere very quickly grew.. Product no more and no bass plentiful, and full the space sensitivity much alive or four. Very satisfied.

  17. y***n

    Good !!!

  18. R***s

    Great product, fast shipping

  19. Y***M


  20. a***G

    Packing is firmly are well and box-this new vision plastic packing and stickers stuck that commodity clean function works well the favorite Rhythm

  21. K***r

    Very satisfied ~!!

  22. c***e

    Fast shipping touching.
    Quality Hermione.
    Dear Seller thankyou very much…

  23. AliExpress Shopper


    magical product that sounds attractive even the english pronunciation of an announcer with chinese tone.

    and magical price.

  24. g***c

    very nice good

  25. o***m

    Shan ring Up4 Okey

  26. AliExpress Shopper

    Shipping fast high quality wholesale Okey

  27. w***e

  28. s***g

    i’ve used it
    nice music

  29. M***r

    Shipping very fast, the equipment very well protected, it has very good sound and I will try to update the firmware to see how the change

  30. o***z

    el sonido que brinda es muy bueno solo tengo unos detalles que decir cuando estas escuchando música y haces una llamada con el SmartPhone el auricular derecho ya sea in ear o o over ear de tus audifonos sube bastante de volumen la primera vez que experimente eso senti que me reventava el timpano. no se si solo sea mi unidad.. Espero que si. de todo lo demas esta perfecto

  31. P***s

    product is awesome,,,. all codecs work great,, very loud also… but … never sent the leather case that I paid extra money for …. how do I get that now??

  32. AliExpress Shopper

    Shipping was fast and the product was genuine. I like the shanlng UP4 quite a lot despite some small flaws. First even if it is much more powerful than the previous model i had it is still lacking power for my AKG k 702 which are not considered as hard to drive, reviews on the wewb are missleading since they claim that it can drive anything, this is clearly not the case. Otherwise the volume knob is way better than usual push buttons but it has an infinite range so it is a bit hard to know what is the current power out put. Also while playing with the volume i often either pause the play or switch the device off. The volume button is the only that we use on such devices, i never ever pause or skip track with the device (i do it on the application that plays music). So it would be better to have a volume button just handling the volume, with a finite range and no other function.

    Anyway the sound stage is very nice and the sound quality awesome. I m happy with my purchse.

  33. S***o

    The beautiful DAC at поєднанні Z QOA Pink Lady. Duge to the store for a miracle. I’m a fool!

  34. L***g

    Verygood safe & fast shipping niceshop

  35. K***o

    The sound quality is really good cooking, also easy to connect.

  36. S***K

    배송도 너무 빠르고 제품도 만족합니다
    이가격에 업그레이드 된소리를 들을수있어
    행복 합니다

  37. J***M

    좋아요. 음질도 괞찬고 크기도 작아서 휴대하기 편대요.

  38. d***r

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  39. L***n

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    굿 아이템!!

  41. S***k

    good product and best price

  42. A***v

    коробка без вмятин. устройство прекрасно работает. с учётом пандемии пришло достаточно быстро. продавцу спасибо!

  43. s***r

    The sound quality is wired to close to.

  44. J***z

    Everything OK, and fast delivery.

  45. f***r

    충분한 출력, 음질은 따뜻하면서 선명한편으로 만족스러움, 저역이 강조된 fun sound계열 이어폰/헤드폰보단 flat 성향의 기기가 적절히 탄력있고 해상도 높은 음을 내며 잘 어울림

  46. J***r

    I thank you for your prompt shipment of my order.
    Dual DAC mode is good

  47. J***K

    Top of the business. Connectivity may be different sound clean is nicer.

  48. S***v

    Fine quality product! Very happy!

  49. p***p

    good sound ^^ bluetooth with tv~(bose headphone)

  50. o***r

    January 1 days for order and days 쯤 received four. Product is good.

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    배송 1주일정도 걸렸고, 좋아요

  52. AliExpress Shopper

    Fast shipping. Well packed. Great Sound. Seller and recommend!

  53. W***g

    Worked great till I downloaded the app and updated the firmware. once I updated the device could no longer be recognised over Bluetooth as a media device, only handsfree (calls only)

    Contacted the store, where they just stopped responding to me.

    Moral of the story, just buy from Amazon, it’s easier to return.

    (second time a UP4 stopped working)

  54. H***s

    Product as described

  55. U***s

    fantastic 6 day delivery time to UK, and paired with Beyerdynamic Custom Game, drives this headset wonderfully, love warm slight bass, i can take them on the way to work more comfortably now! Recommend for sure.

  56. q***m

    The loan with wonderful acoustic frying pan gift harness to hot.

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    Genial, y envío rapidísimo

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    빠른배송 좋은제품

  59. AliExpress Shopper

    Very good packaging.

  60. J***h

  61. R***r

    Fast delivery, everything works, the sound is excellent. Comes with a Firmware 1.2.3.
    By Air did not update to 1.3.0, had to via Windows (Win10 need to disable driver signature check).

  62. AliExpress Shopper

    Smart device. There is only one moment-with a smartphone in USB-DAC mode does not work (with a computer all OK). Sound at the level, that’s only not very different by Bluetooth from USB (in comparison with Fiio btr5). The battery keeps much better Fiio

  63. s***o

    Shipping it faster and more like it was made, hifi Hi R5 3.5 single output than the nail.

  64. F***n

    Package arrived within 10 days! Great product. Good communication with the seller. I am very happy.

  65. K***s


  66. O***o

    Surprise me very a device so light and so small have a amplification with this quality. Gave much difference in the quality of my Galaxy S9, because the sound plus win body, not show frequency and all sounded very well, same with my KZ ASX that has the medium pitched shrill and passed to bring more neutrality. Sensational.

  67. AliExpress Shopper

    thank you

  68. f***r

    가격대비 품질은 그닥입니다.

  69. AliExpress Shopper

  70. J***D


  71. E***u

    Very convenient product!

  72. D***s

    todo perfecto , llego muy rapido, bien envuelto. Ahora a probar!!

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    와우! 2.5파이 3.5파이 모두 음질이 좋네요. 더불어 어플역시 한글지원이라 아주 편합니다. 케이스는 별도로 구매하지 않았는데 박스안에 있는 클립케이스를 끼니 따로 구매안해도 되겠어요. 어차피 아웃도어용으로는 블투이어폰을 쓰니 궂이 케이스는 필요없을듯.
    직관적인 인터페이스에 듀얼덱이 2.5 3.5에 다 있어 듣다보니 의외로 큐델릭스 5k보다 음색이 좋은듯 합니다. 가성비 좋네요

  75. h***o

    소리 괜찮습니다. 마감도 좋아요

  76. W***n

    Really good product oh ~

  77. Y***n

  78. C***o

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  82. Y***g

    Android phone cyan tops Bluetooth profile LDAC activated by Wil HiFi connection. Take the mortars and dedicated app must look to be set in connection with aptX the data LDAC this lovely sound quality differs a lot I. Shipping fast and satisfied.

  83. AliExpress Shopper

    Very good sound and a great add-on for my hearing aids (some Audio-Technica ATH-M50x).

  84. J***N

    Shipping is also very quickly grew and commodity also stuff. Good use contact me ~ very good.

  85. C***e

    Excellent seller. Item successfully received. Item is working properly as described.

  86. a***r

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